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Cleaning of the Marmorix® floor tiles

Weekly maintenance

The maintenance of Marmorix® can be compared with the maintenance of a carpet, that is to vacuum-clean once a week (if necessary oftener, depending on impurity).

It is not necessary to clean with water and soap every time, because dirtiness can be easily removed by the use of a good vacuum-cleaner.

Of course, the soil can be refreshed with a moistly towel.

Partial impurity

Local impurity caused by flown out liquids or pasty products can be removed with warm water and a brush or sponge. The wastewater has to be removed immediately by a water exhauster. Clean again with fresh water and reabsorb it again.

Marmorix cleaning

One additional advice: In case of having a stronger utilized surface, we recommend to cover all over thinly with a PU-resin and a short-hair roller (e.g. mohair). Therewith you considerably enlarge the abrasion resistance.

Thorough cleaning

If there is needed a solid cleaning after a period of time, there can be used a carpet-cleaner e.g. Home Cleaner by Nilfisk or a steam cleaner. Those devices can absorb 90% of the contaminated water so that the floor will be dry again soon.


Marmorix Cleaning Concentrate MR 64CLEANING WITH THE MARMORIX

  • for effective cleaning
    of stone carpets
  • highly concentrated, pH neutral, powerful
    and quick-drying, with citrus fragrance
  • very mild to the skin
  • cleans hygienically clean
  • very degreasing


For normal and stubborn stains we recommend our Marmorix cleaning concentrate
MR 64. Content 500ml.


For stubborn stains: Dissolve 40ml MR 64 in 1l water and brush in directly. Then use a steam cleaner (e.g. Home Cleaner).

For normal stains: Dissolve 100ml - 300ml MR 64 in 10l water and either brush in the lining and vaccuum, or fill into the steam cleaner (e.g. Home Cleaner) directly and vaccuum.



For the thorough cleaning of the Marmorix floor tiles we recommend the Home Cleaner from our range.

The ready-to-use Home Cleaner is equipped with extensive accessories, stands out for its strong performance and can also be used as a vacuum cleaner - both at home and at the office.



If you have any problems with the cleaning, please call us. We also offer a comprehensive cleaning program and provide you with further questions at any time.