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NEW: Floor tiles with healing stones -
Marmorix® Exclusive Line

Flooring with semi-precious stones (also known as healing stones)/
flooring with healing stones

Each floor consists of a high-quality Italian marble of the grain 2-4mm and is available in either light gray or cream color. The special characteristic of this floor is the combination with hand-selected semi-precious stones, also known as a healing stones.

Six special floor tiles with healing stones

You can choose between 6 healing stone floorings: they are named after the elements Fire, Water, Air, Earth, Wood and Metal. The healing stones used in these are respectively: Jasper, Sodalite, Aventurine, Tigereye, Lignum or Hematite. These stones are hand picked by the owner personally, and incorporated in a gentle process with a loving hand in our Marmorix® Exclusive Line floor tiles. Each tile (50x50cm) is unique. Just as the atmosphere in your home.

The incorporation of rose quartz, carnelian or a stone mixture ("noble variety"), and other basic colours of the marble are possible. Simply ask us!


Marmorix Heilsteine Feuer Jaspis


Precious marble (grain size 2-4mm)
mixed with healing stone Jasper (semi-precious stone)
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About the Jasper:
The strong red colour of the Jasper is sometimes interrupted by dark Hematite or other bright inclusions. Jasper is rarely found in pure form. The word jasper is derived from the Latin word for "speckled stone".


Marmorix Heilsteine Wasser Sodalith

Precious marble (grain size 2-4mm)
mixed with healing stone Sodalite (semi-precious stone)
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About the Sodalite:

The stone is found in all shades of blue, from gray blue to dark blue colour, some with white inclusions. The name makes reference to its high sodium content. The stone develops granular aggregates which can be up to 1 meter.



Precious marble (grain size 2-4mm)
mixed with healing stone Aventurine (semi-precious stone)
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About the Aventurine:
Aventurine is a slightly greenish transparent quartz. Chrome glimmer causes the green colour. The retention of glimmer scales give the stone an attractive slight metallic sheen.


Marmorix Heilsteine Erde Tigerauge

Precious marble (grain size 2-4mm)
mixed with healing stone Tigereye (semi-precious stone)
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About the Tigereye:
The yellow-brown to reddish brown stone is a variety of quartz. Tigereye is formed by weathering and shimmers in a golden, silky gloss. This undulating glow is also known as "cat's eye effect".

Marmorix Heilsteine Holz Lignum

Precious marble (grain size 2-4mm)
mixed with healing stone Lignum (semi-precious stone)
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About the Lignum:
The stone shimmers in varying shades of brown and has many bright colors. The semi-precious stone Lignum is also called "timer stone".

Marmorix Heilsteine Metall Hämatit

Precious marble (grain size 2-4mm)
mixed with healing stone Hematite (semi-precious stone)
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About the Hematite:
The Hematite is usually opaque and only in very thin leaves reddish translucent. After polishing it receives its metallic sheen.


Other healing stones we can process

The incorporation of rose quartz, carnelian or a stone mixture ("noble variety") are possible. Also, other basic colours of marble are possible. Ask us.

Marmorix healing stone floors are available according to the teachings of Feng Shui

Feng Shui, Feng Shui or Fēngshu is based on Chinese space psychology. The aim of this teaching is a life in harmony with the environment that can be achieved by a special design of the residential and living spaces. The basis of Feng Shui consideration is the recognition that everything in our universe is interconnected. All objects, all living beings and all energetic influences are in constant interaction with each other.

Feng Shui Jing: Feng Shui and the healing power of stones. Feng Shui Jing combines the healing power of stones (Shui Jing = crystal) with the teachings of Feng Shui.

For a few years now the teachings of Feng Shui receive a growing interest in western architecture and interior design. We also observe a fusion of Western ideas of New Age and Feng Shui.

The five-element theory of Feng Shui is based on five energetically vital elements: Earth, water, fire, wood and metal are the natural philosophical basis of Ayurveda ("wisdom"). They also play in traditional Chinese medicine an important role. Using simple methods you can shape any room, from the hallway to the bedroom, by the rules of Feng Shui with little effort.

Note to so-called healing stones
We need to point out that the effects of the stones are not yet proven scientifically nor recognized medically. All statements made on this page reflect solely personal opinions of customers, or are quotations from books, and provide no guidance for the treatment or diagnosis in the medical sense. The use of gems and minerals must not replace medical advice or assistance.


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All colors from our Exclusive Line sortiment: Flooring with healing stones
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Floor tiles made of fine marble granules (2-4mm)
combined with hand-selected healing stones (semi-precious stones).
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