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Operation/laying instructions

Preparation of the subsoil:

  • Laying has to be done on a planar, sustainable and a subsoil free of settlingwith a decline of at least 2% away from the building.
  • If necessary, in the outdoor area, a sealing should be affixed previously, ideally with Polysin-D (1K polyurethane liquid plastic). Polysin-D results in a seamless layer. Therefore overlapping is omitted.
  • For concrete, mineral surfaces and bitumen please use a universal primer and for tiles the Primer-T.
  • Unevenness is to be adjusted with suitable material.

Laying of plates:

  • Remove release film on the back of the plates completely.
  • Starting with the leading edge, apply the plates flushed.
  • Apply following elements firmly. Fix the plates to the subsoil by gluing pointwise with our PU-glue (minimum 5 points per plate).
  • Edge panels are also glued pointwise.
  • Parting of plates can be done on a sharp angle (breaking). Later, when filling, the stones will fit in and become a homogeneous surface.
  • Indoors, the panels are cut to fit. (Gluing of the plates in the interior is not necessary).
  • End pieces as well as base elements can be cut with an angle grinder or a wet cutter with diamond blade.
  • The Marmorix® floor tiles are made of natural stone. Color variance can not be excluded. That is not a reason for complaint. When laying please take the plates out of multiple packages at the same time and process.

Filling of hollows:

  • After laying of plates, the breaking edges, borders, cuttings and hollows have to be filled with the respective marble chips.
  • During filling as described, the conterminal, finished coating should be masked.
  • The used ladle should be moistened with PU-thinner to ensure the non-adhesing of the filling material on the ladle. Therefore, a proper sliding of the ladle is guaranteed.

Border and base element:

  • Cutting of border and base element should be done with a diamond- wet-cutting-device or angle cutter.
  • Before this, remove carrier foil on the back.
  • The base elements can be cemented with our PU-glue on the sealed base.
  • For a first-class visual appearance and to protect against penetrating liquidness, seal the base elements with silicone on the upper edge.


  • For an ordinary cleaning you will need no special method. Also in case of small impurity, there can be worked with a wet scrubber and a neutral purifier.
  • For normal and stubborn stains we recommend our Marmorix cleaning concentrate MR 64.
  • The cleaning can be done with a besom, brush or high-pressure-cleaner, depending on contamination level.
  • The absorption of dirt kept in the plates can be easily done with a vacuum cleaner.
  • A basis cleansing can be done once or twice a year, depending on your demands. We recommend the use of a high-pressure-cleaner, but also so-called sprinkle-extracting-cleaners have approved. We recommend the Home Cleaner.