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What is Marmorix® and what is special about it?

Conventional fillings like virgin stoned fillings or coloured silica are established and well-proven since many years. To get such a bottom, it was necessary to order various specialists for the application requires a lot of expert knowledge.

With our MARMORIX-plates you are now able to design your bottoms yourself, with exactly the same visual appearance and the same characteristics. You add your bottom a coloured and personal touch and create a really homely ambience.

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What does Marmorix® consist of?


Marmorix®-plates are manufactured from a mixture of first-class PU (Polyurethane)-resin of a German brand manufacturer and non-artificial marble gravel with a 2-4 mm graining.

Thanks to the 2-4mm graining, a very homogeneous surface is generated.
The size of the plates is 40cm x 60cm x 8mm or 50cm x 50cm x 8mm.

What is special?

For the construction of Marmorix®-plates, there are only used two-component
PU-resins. Thereby the plates are very flexible and keep the pressure resistance of virgin stones.

Furthermore, through the use of PU-resins, the plates are UV-constant and can be used indoor and outdoor. Frost-proof, odourless, weather-resistant are further benefits to be mentioned.

The bottom always feels warm and comfortable due to the attachment of the ambient air between the granules. For example: The bottom temperature in a room with 20°C is averaged 14-15°C – a very comfortable temperature.

Marmorix® grounds are suitable for underfloor heating.

The resins are not influenced unfavourably by a temperature of maximum up to 60°C. In addition, the comfortable warmth can be felt quicker on the feet, because there is no need to heat a thick floor tile. Instead, the air between the granules is warmed-up immediately because the numerous pores let the warmth pass.

Are the plates suitable for balcony and terrace?

Yes, optimally! Through their constancy against UV, weather, frost, etc. these plates are suitable at the best.

In outside section, there should be added a coating, if required.

Please also consider our laying-advice which you find in “Technical details”.

Whereon can these plates be laid?

Basically on every planar and sustainable subsoil. This can be an already existing tiling, floor screed, concrete floor or even a wooden floor (OSB-plate or flake board).

Through the flexibility of Marmorix®-plates, the plates fit to the conditions of the floor. The plates can even bear low moves in the subsoil.

The plates are either not fixed at all (slack laying) or fixed with an PU-glue which is applied pointwise out of a cartridge below the plates. Edge plates should be fixed holohedral with PU-glue.

Please also consider our laying-advice which you find in “Technical details”.

Is expert knowledge needed to lay those plates?

No. Everyone can lay those plates, without any expert knowledge.

What is to be done if there are hollows or round pillars?

No problem. Normally, those plates are laid like floor tiles. This means they are cut accurately fitting with an angle grinder or with an wet-cutting-device.

A very elegant and professional solution is to break the plates with a bigger distance (approx. 5 cm) to a round pillar, e.g. It is important to break, not to cut.

Following you can trowel off the gap with a self-made mixture of marble chips and resin (available as accessory).

You will not see a shoulder or gap. In case of having a broken angle, the stones will fit in and become a homogeneous surface.

However, normally it´s enough to cut accurately fitting.

How can I clean the soil?

Weekly maintenance

The maintenance of Marmorix® can be compared with the maintenance of a carpet, that is to vacuum-clean once a week (if necessary oftener, depending on impurity).

It is not necessary to clean with water and soap every time, because dirtiness can be easily removed by the use of a good vacuum-cleaner.

Of course, the soil can be refreshed with a moistly towel.

Thorough cleaning

If there is needed a solid cleaning after a period of time, there can be used a carpet-cleaner e.g. Home Cleaner by Nilfisk or a steam cleaner. Those devices can absorb 90% of the contaminated water so that the floor will be dry again soon.

For normal and stubborn stains we recommend our Marmorix cleaning concentrate MR 64.

Partial impurity

Local impurity caused by flown out liquids or pasty products can be removed with warm water and a brush or sponge. The wastewater has to be removed immediately by a water exhauster. Clean again with fresh water and reabsorb it again.

One additional advice: In case of having a stronger utilized surface, we recommend to cover all over thinly with a PU-resin and a short-hair roller (e.g. mohair). Therewith you considerably enlarge the abrasion resistance.

If you have any further questions or would like to have advice, please do not hesitate to contact us: +49 (0)7452/ 79 00 55

More Information for cleaning the Marmorix floors.